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Flex Training 

Flex 5 is a series of unique super set-exercises that will keep your workouts intense and efficient. Using a combination of specific movements to target and fatigue muscle group to force rapid adaptation to the stimulus. While other workouts leave you counting reps and changing the weights each time, Flex 5 allows you to flow through compound and isolated exercises with the focus on creating burn and failure each set.


Warm Up

Warming up specific muscle groups before you get into the bulk of the exercise optimizes performance and prevents the risk of injury. Typically over looked muscles groups like the hips and rotator cuff become a major limiting factor in exercise range of motion and intensity, robbing you of the full benefit of the workout. Flex 5 includes complementary warm up and stretching routine to help you get the most of each set and improve recovery between workouts.


Super Sets

Exercising doesn’t have to take multiple hours per day. In fact exercising for longer than 90 mins can detrimental to your gains, spiking catabolic hormones like cortisol making it more difficult for your body to build new muscle.

The key factor in muscle hypertrophy is time under tension and relevant I’ve intensity. Maximize both of these factors through super set training, without wasting time or needing to use the heaviest weights in the gym, increasing your case of injury.

I have selected the best exercises to navigate through a busy gym while creating the aesthetic physique you have been looking for. Your chest, back, shoulders, arms, core, and even legs will both grow and show more definition than ever before and in less time. You will feel athletic, strong and capable with each and every workout. These workouts will push and challenge you each week while you learn to perfect the mind-muscle connection like the pros



What good is all that muscle if you can’t move? Movement is the best medicine.increase your range of motion to get the most out of each rep. Recover more quickly to help your body prepare for next time. The stretching and mobility work included will stimulate growth and increase performance across the board. By maintaining your mobility you will be good whether you are at the gym or out in the real world.


Nutritional Recovery

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