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Physique 101

Physique 101

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Have you attempted to lose weight in the past only to find it return?
What if I told you focusing on fat lose is not the best way to transform your physique?

Find out how building muscle can help you burn more calories and keep the weight off.This book is a how to guide that will change your understanding of how your body responds to nutrition and exercise.

Physique 101 simplifies the complex science behind building muscle and burning fat. You will learn all the basics of nutrition, how to plan your meals, and training strategies for weight lifting, all with the specific goal of creating long lasting results and a physique you will be proud of.

If I had a book like this when I first started working out, I could have saved so much time and heartache. I wrote this book to educate, empower, and inspire everyone to achieve their health and fitness goals.

You will see real life examples of how I lost over 50lbs of fat, built muscle, and put myself into position to compete as a classic physique bodybuilder and win.


As a personal trainer for over a decade, I have found that a person’s diet has a huge impact on the effectiveness of their workout routines. Sports nutrition is centered around enhancing one’s health AND creating peak performance.


Following my simple diet strategies will boost your metabolism for weight loss and increase your potential to build muscle. Each person starts their fitness journey at a different point.


This book will guide you and help you decide which next steps to take to assure there is no wasted time or effort. This book was created to help cut out the misinformation and teach you the simple, yet effective aspects of nutrition and exercise. Regardless of your fitness level, this how-to guide will help you navigate to where you want to be and create lasting results.


You will learn how to eat for your goal, meal plan and tracking macros to build muscle and burn more fat. Using these proven strength and muscle-building strategies will improve your performance and physique.


  • Learn nutrition for weight loss and performance.
  • Understand macros.
  • Calculate your dietary needs with step-by-step workbook.
  • Discover the basic science behind fat loss.
  • Build muscle and boost metabolism.
  • Stimulate hypertrophy and enhance performance.
  • And MORE!
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