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Why 95% New Year’s Resolutions FAIL And How You Can BEAT The Odds In 2024. (Avoid These 4 Common Fitness Mistakes)

Why 95% New Year’s Resolutions FAIL And How You Can BEAT The Odds In 2024. (Avoid These 4 Common Fitness Mistakes)

As the year comes to it’s conclusion, we look forward to achieving new goals in the year to come. With over 70% of the US population being over weight including 39% of the population that is obese, many hope to make a positive change to their health as the new year begins.

Statistics show that nearly 95% of diets fail to reach their goal and 50% of those who lost weight see nearly all of the weight return or more by the two year mark. So does that mean diets are a waste of time? Are those who are overweight doomed from the start? Certainly this cant be the case.

Why 95% New Year’s Resolutions FAIL And How You Can BEAT The Odds In 2024. (Avoid These 4 Common Fitness Mistakes)

As a personal trainer and body transformation specialist I have helped many people lose weight and keep it off long term. Here are 4 common fitness mistakes to avoid to help you beat the odds.



Too Many Weight Loss Solutions Are Unsustainable.

Too Many Weight Loss Solutions Are Unsustainable.
New Years Fitness Resolutions Mistake 1

We know that in order to lose weight we must create a caloric deficit. We can do this by eating less and/or exercising more. When that caloric deficit is too great your metabolism will slow down and hunger increases making it more difficult to maintain your diet.

A calorie deficit of 500 less than your maintenance calories (TDEE Calculator) equates to about 1lb of fat loss per week. Depending on the how much weight you have to lose, you could reduce calories or increase calorie burning between 250-1500. The more weight you have to lose the greater deficit your body will be able to tolerate.

Overly restrictive diets such as fasting, cutting out entire food groups, or follow diets that are too invasive to your lifestyle are nearly impossible to sustain. It’s not necessary to be extreme in order to lose weight. Start simply by tracking your calories and avoiding junk food. Making better choices and avoid overindulging will be enough to start seeing progress.


Workout smarter, not harder. The more you know, the better you can train. From calculating your caloric needs, to knowing how hard you need to workout, each of these free formulas will help you gain a better understanding to achieve your goals!

Click HERE to calculate your Heart Rate Zone, Basal Metabolic Rate, Total Daily Energy Expenditure, Body Mass Index, and 1 Rep Max for Free.



Changes In Diet And Lifestyle Are Viewed As Temporary.

Changes In Diet And Lifestyle Are Viewed As Temporary.
New Years Fitness Resolutions Mistake 2

When starting a weight loss goal many people of highly motivated and make massive changes that they figure are just a means to an end. But I assure you pulling all of your tricks out of the bag does not lead to long term success. 

In order to have a successful diet phase, 3 things are necessary:

1.Start by changing your mindset.

  • Know that these changes are to improve your health and over all quality of life. The changes you adopt such as portion control and exercise will need to be maintained over time. You aren't just dieting and exercising to lose weight. You are making lasting changes. Learn to embrace the process and know you are doing what is best for yourself.

2.Do the least amount of work possible in order to initiate the changes you desire.

  •  You might think of this as pacing yourself and that is one way to look at it. I like to see it as gradually adopting better habits over time. When you are successful in meeting your initial requirements you will build confidence and momentum along the way. Gradually over time you will find that it becomes easier to progress to the next step.

  • Making healthier choices in at least one meal consistently, then the next, and later every meal.

  • Starting with walking 20 mins on the treadmill every other day and building up to an hour or increasing the number of days you exercise, this gradual process lowers the bar for success. As you have achieved each phase of the goal you will find that you are able to accomplish more and have built a habit rather than beating yourself up for failing to reach higher standards from the start.

3.Stay Positive.

  • It is best to stay positive and reinforce your good behaviors rather than focus on the negativity associated from falling short.



An Overemphasis On Burning Calories Through Exercise.

When you exercise it it true that you burn more calories. Aerobic training like walking and running burns approximately 100-150/calories per mile. Add an incline to that and you can burn a bit more, 20-40% more.

But the majority of your calories burned come from your Basal Metabolic Rate. Nearly 70% of the calories you burn come from your body working to stay alive.

An Overemphasis On Burning Calories Through Exercise.
New Years Fitness Resolution Mistake 3

4 Tips For Proper Training And Nutrition:

  1. The number one way to increase your metabolism is to increase your skeletal muscle mass. Hypertrophy training (weight lifting with intense sets of 8-12 reps to near failure) and consuming protein (at least 1g/lb of body weight spread evenly over 4-6 meals) is the best way to increase muscle mass.

  2. Each new pound of muscle increase metabolism 60-100kcal per day. Build muscle at a rate of 2-5lbs per month is a reasonable expectation when training and eating properly. Overtime that will increase your metabolism, allowing you to burn even more calories without relying on massive amounts of cardio.

  3. Over training, exercising too long or too frequently can have a negative effect on your goals. Exercise is a physical stress on your body. Cortisol is a stress hormone that is released as exercise becomes too much. Cortisol reduces metabolism, breaks down muscle and increases potential to store body fat.

  4. It is best to limit weight training to 60-90 mins of intense effort and include rest days to allow your body to recover fully. Although aerobic training may be less stressful, long bouts of intense cardio will also trigger a cortisol response. Yet another reason why you should gradually increase your effort overtime rather than train to the max at the start.



Choosing To Go It Alone.

Choosing to go it alone.
New Years Fitness Resolutions Mistake 4

Out of stubbornness or fear of failure, many people choose to go about their weight loss goals in solidarity. Some may view this as heroic to go about their weight loss journey alone, but without support many of these efforts are doomed for failure.

Having a partner will increase your potential for success. Not only does a partner increase the accountability, but it also increases the enjoyment in the process. A training partner or coach is there to encourage you and help you. You can share in one another's experiences and successes. You’ll be there for one another when things get difficult and pick each other up when you get down.

Bringing your closest friends along the journey will also reduce the amount of social resistance you feel when tempted to stray off plan. After all, you will become the average of those whom you spend the most time with. Why not bring the entire social group along with you and improve together?

  1. Seek An Expert.

  • Seeking an expert or someone who has gone through a similar process before will help speed up the process and assure victory. Coaches and mentors can offer you the guidance you need in order to avoid pitfalls and keep you on track. A coach or personal trainer will also have the knowledge and wisdom to tell you how to best focus your efforts, utilize your time, and direct you on which changes you need to make in a timely fashion.

  • The absolute worst part about going on your weight loss journey alone is not having a clear picture of the road map. Without knowing exactly how to get to your destination how will you ever achieve your goal? 

  • The truth is time is of the essence. Having the right guidance, accountability, and positive reinforcement will help you reach your goal and avoid the failure that only comes from giving up. Your success is guaranteed when you have the right teammates on your side.


It is time to unleash your potential.

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Avoid 4 Common Fitness Mistakes and Beat the odds in 2024 with Flex Coaching
Flex Studio Fitness Coaching Programs. Results Guaranteed.


Create a Solution that is sustainable over time. Moderate changes that you can adopt for the long term and gradually improve.


Understand that the changes you make are not short term solutions. Embrace the process and understand you are making changes to improve your health and quality of life for yourself and those you care about.


Know that focusing on burning calories through exercise is only a small part of your metabolism. You’ll need to eat and train the right way in order to build muscle and increase your metabolism. This will help you lose fat faster and keep it off.


Don't go it alone. Include your spouse, close friends, and a coach to help assure you reach your goal. Having support and guidance goes a long way and will speed up the process. You will learn a lot about yourself and others as you go forward and you will celebrate together as you attain victory.


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