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"I have always had a passion for helping people. In the beginning I was focused on improving myself. As a youth athlete I realized that I was not the best or most gifted but I was determined to be one of the best. I had a knack for learning and I surrounded myself with others who had the experience to draw from.


I found that change was inevitable. If I put the work in, I could achieve what I really wanted. Like many athletes, I desired to be bigger, faster, and stronger. Along my journey, I ran into numerous road blocks and injuries but I was persistent to find a way.

What I came to find was that the human body was adaptable by nature. For better or worse, the body would respond to how I lived my life and would learn from what I put it through.

If I trained for strength, I would get stronger. If I ate consistently well, I would lose excess body weight. If I took care of my body, it would take care of me. 

Athletics taught me that practice led to improvements and consistency led to predictability. 

After athletics I found joy in helping other realize these same truths. I enjoyed working with motivated people who were ready to learn. In today’s world, we live in an information over load. My mission was to help people filter out the misinformation, and help them find strategies that would work well for them in the short and long term.

For over a decade, I worked as a Personal trainer and Certified Posture Specialist. My goal was to improve the way people looked and felt in order to help them be their best. I found exercise to be empowering both physically and mentally for my clients. As they gained more experience, they also gained confidence. As they learned more, they made better decisions. And when they put the effort in, they could achieve the goals they set out for and more!"

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